Recipe to become a Champion (from Word Freak)

Here’s some advice that I jotted down a while back when I was reading Stefan Fatsis’s book, Word Freak. I can’t remember the name of the (champion) player who shared this advice with Stefan.

Recipe To Become a Champion

  1. The ability to desire to be the best, or desire to WIN whatever championship is important to you.
  2. Unshakable honesty within oneself to answer the questions about your own strengths and weaknesses
  3. Control your breath
  4. Finding a way to control your emotional states
  5. The X-factor: The seemingly extraordinary state that any given champion has during the winning tournament

The player also indicated:

  • To win, you need the ability to win. You have to develop your mind to the point at which seeing the plays and considering the best options over the board become possible.
  • You also need an equal or superior word knowledge as your opponent. There is no need to close the board.
  • Don’t go over words you’re never going to miss. Only look at combinations that are words you want to know.

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