You wins some and you lose some – Mar. 18, 2010 @ MSC

We had a full house at the club on Thursday with quite a few faces from the past whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time. There was Paul Wigley, Ade Ariyo, Hugh Middleton, Mark Hamilton, and Vijay. We also celebrated Craig Rowland‘s birthday with some extra snacks – happy b-day Craig!

Game #1 vs Allan Brown
The story of this game was that I made Allan eat the Q. He tried to get greedy and when I realized he had the Q, I planned out the end-game so that he couldn’t ditch it.

FINAL SCORE: 400-394 (WIN)

Game #2 vs Paul Wigley
It’s been a while since I’ve seen Paul so it was nice to get a chance to play together. The story of this game was that most of the high playable tiles (E, T, N, R) were played early. At the end of the game, it was a struggle to find plays. During my final six turns, I picked-up five Is. Just one of those games. On a different note, I got to play JNANA to open the game. Paul was able to use the J to get rid of some nasty tiles and play JOYOUS and save an obvious trade. I believe he had IOOSUUY. In all, it was a fun game.

FINAL SCORE: 390-326 (WIN)

Game #3 vs Sophia Ozorio
For some reason, I always have difficulty beating Sophia. She has a certain style of play that seems to give me fits. This game, I played poorly and then had challenging tiles to boot. First play I made a mistake by accepting DERRIER* (it’s missing the terminal E). I made a series of low scoring plays and Sophia kept making her short plays for 25-30 points and in a few turns, she had built-up a sizeable lead and cut off most of the bingo lanes. It happens as I know I’ve been on the other end dishing it out to others.


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