Some bad and some good – MSC 2010.03.25

Had a weird evening at the club of some good, bad, and so-so tiles.

Game #1 vs. Brenda Solomon
Not much to say about this game. I had poor tiles and Brenda took advantage of hers. It’s been a while since I last played Brenda and I forgot that she tends to fish for tiles and also hold onto an S for the end of the game.

BINGOS: Me – none; Brenda – (R)OASTiNG, SIERRAN, W(E)IRDEsT

Game #2 vs. Kevin Turner
Got paired with Kevin based on a request. The game was fairly close until I made a mistake of trying to hook POORI with an E instead of an S. For some reason I thought POORIE* was good rather than POORIS. I was averaging 30 points a play with some tough tiles up to that point. Once my ESTRONE/POORIE* was challenged off, Kevin took advantage and ended the game. Nevertheless, it was fun to play Kevin.

BINGOS: Me – none; Kevin – AN(E)RGIAL*, InT(O)NATE, LIsTING

Game #3 vs. Jean Barinque
My last game of the night was against Jean. She and I hadn’t played in quite some time. On a side note, I think she and Shan are doing a great job as directors of the club, taking over from Craig. I had slightly better tiles early in the game and then was able to take a lead. Jean was then forced to try to make up the points with a desperate play of AES*/SANDIER which got challenged off. By then, I was able to balance my rack to a very nice ACENRT? and I pretty much ended the game with (S)CANTiER. I tried fishing for another bingo but it didn’t quite work out.

BINGOS: Me – NUT(T)IEsT, (S)CANTiER; Jean – none
FINAL SCORE: 420-339 (WIN)

At the suggestions of Shan, I downloaded the Zarf for my iPhone to try out as a mobile resource for Scrabble play. It seems to have some neat features that Check Word doesn’t have, namely a clock/timer function to play games, and a word-judge function. The app is free on the iTunes store. I seem to be using it more than Check Word and I’ve only had both of the apps for two days each.

On a side note, I’m registered for the Mississauga Scrabble tournament coming-up in June [registrant list is here]. I may play in the Buffalo tournament in May, but given that weekend is Mothers Day, I’m not sure if I will participate.

By the way, best of luck to all of the participants at this week’s tournament in Cambridge on Saturday. Looks like Division 2 is going to be a competitive one. Unfortunately, I can’t participate but I know that the Cambridge event is usually a very good tournament.

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