A visit to the Calgary Scrabble Club [2012-02-09]

Having a rare evening to spend in Calgary, I decided to visit the Calgary Scrabble Club and enjoy some games. I showed up a bit early and was warmly greeted by several members, including Siri Tillekeratne. He introduced me to Randall (who is apparently the club director) and we had a friendly game before the evening started.

Friendly game vs. Randall
This was a good game that we never had a chance to finish. He played a phoney against me that I thought was 50/50.

Final Score: 325 – 285 (incomplete – my turn to play)
Bingos: Me – COTERIE, (S)POoNING; Randall – (W)OODLICe*, VARLETS

Game #1 vs. Dorothy
Not much to say about this game. Dorothy played a relatively conservative game while I tried my best to keep it open given some of the challenging tiles I have.

Final Score: 379 – 326 (win)
Bingos: Me – ResTAGE(D); Dorothy – none

Game #2 vs. Wendy
This was a very low scoring game. I struggled with tiles all game and felt hesitant and anxious. I think it’s a sign of how rusty I am from not having played in quite some time. I accepted NOILE(D)* – ugh. Here’s the final situation that I spent several minutes evaluating before making my final play. I have the following tiles: ILOPSTY and the score is 280-257. The bag is empty and your opponent has ACIOR. Given the board position, what would you play?

I ended-up playing STYL(I) at 8A for 27 points. Doh! Gave her an out play.

Final Score: 299-284 (loss – ugh)
Bingos: Me – RINg(L)ETS; Wendy – none

Game #3 vs. Noella
Another game when my rustiness did me in. This game was close all throughout. I had six vowels on my rack for the last four turns and that pretty much did me in. Also, Noella plays very quickly and not having played in a while, that unnerved me and got me distracted.

Final Score: 406-385 (loss)
Bingos: Me – (T)ITRATES; Noella – cREDITs

I had an enjoyable night. Definitely showed me that I have to work to get in shape for the Nationals in August.

3 Responses to A visit to the Calgary Scrabble Club [2012-02-09]

  1. shan says:

    Hmm, that phony is a really tough call. I think i looked it up once and still didn’t remember.

    Looked at the board for a while, and her best plays appear to be in the M column, so I’d play LOST at M3, leaving YIPS/ZAS for 21.

    Will you be out there for a while? You’re missed at the club.

  2. Doug says:

    Maybe 08 POSY (38) and next turn either out with H1 LIT (15) or M1 LIT (12).

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