Club night in Mississauga [2012-07-12]

I had a rare night in Mississauga on a Thursday so I visited the Mississauga Scrabble Club to play some games and see familiar faces. Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late and missed the first game. The room seemed packed with players which was great to see. I had no expectations of winning games given how rusty I am, but I still enjoy playing the game.

Game #1 vs. Andy Saunders
First, Andy has lost considerable weight – it’s great to see people lose weight and get more healthy. I guess I have no excuses to remain chubby…

As for the actual game, I had to exchange on my first turn as I had vowel soup. My tiles on turn #2 were: ACEENST. I recognized that there was a bingo in there but couldn’t see it (there are two actually). Fortunately for me, I saw an R on the board and made CENTA(R)ES. It probably wasn’t the best or highest scoring play, but I was relieved to find a bingo. The rest of the game was tight as Andy kept making really good plays. He seemed to get the Ses but didn’t seem to have the best tile synergy. I pulled with a sequence of plays : EbONITE (68), AMINE (43), and (F)ORKER (42), but Andy kept up with a late bingo SC(E)NArIO (not sure I would have seen that one). At the end, I was fortunate to get the X and score 39 points with it, otherwise, my final tiles of EILLNUU wasn’t going to win me the game.

Final Score: 396 – 390 (WIN)
Bingos: Me – CENTA(R)ES, EbONITE; Andy – SC(E)NArIO

Game #2 vs. Dave Krook
This game was very interesting and enjoyable. I don’t want to sound condescending, but every time I play Dave, I am impressed by how much his game keeps improving. Here is the most interesting play (at least for me) of the game. It is my turn to play (turn #9) and the score is 195-141 (my turn to play). What would you play?

[update] My tiles were:  EITUXZ? – thanks go to Steven Karp for pointing out that I didn’t list my tiles.


I saw the following possibilities:

  1. EX at 12D for 38 points (I don’t know how I completely missed XI right beside this play!);
  2. TZU(R)Is at C8 for 48 points;
  3. TUI at 6C for 9 points – this is only to get rid of the U and the I;
  4. (L)UTZ at E11 for 13 points (alternatively LUX or LUXE for a couple points less); and,
  5. ZI(T) at 3I for 22 points.

I *wanted* to play TZURIS as it would clean-up my tiles and score decent points (the word itself is pretty cool too). But, I was worried about burning my blank and also opening up a juicy bingo lane through the S. Given the score, I was concerned about keeping pace with Dave. Therefore, I wanted to try for a 30+ point play while trying to balance my rack without opening things up too much for Dave.

Any thoughts on what to play and why? Is the blank worth playing here?

I was doing my best to keep up but got some tough tile combinations. I got both the blanks, but Dave bingoed before me and I just couldn’t catch him. Good game Dave!

Final Score: 387 – 373 (loss)
Bingos: Me – eTOILEs; Dave: STRINGS, SERIATE

It was good to see all the familiar (and new faces) at the club. I hope to attend next week as I’m still on vacation. Hopefully I will be around more during the summer so I can play more games.


2 Responses to Club night in Mississauga [2012-07-12]

  1. Steven Karp says:

    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for the entertaining update. You forgot to post your rack, but I gather it’s EITUXZ?. The clear winner for me is 12D XI. TZU(R)Is is a nice word, however I don’t think it’s worth burning your blank for an extra 10 points. The board is pretty closed, but you can still bingo from the N or O on row 8, from an S on ALBINO, or from LI on row 13.


    • Hans says:

      Hey Steven,
      Great to hear from you! And thanks for pointing out that I forgot to list my tiles – yes, that’s what they were. I think you’re right – XI is probably the best play. Sure TZURIS is more exotic (definitely more stylish), but I’m not convinced it’s worth burning the blank.

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