Vijay is my Scrabble daddy [2012-07-26]

Was able to head out to the club and get in some games. As always, I enjoyed the night very much even though the results weren’t all positive. Playing the games, I could tell I am rusty in terms of the mechanics of playing games but also in terms of seeing words.

Game #1 vs. Gene Tyzska
The thing I’ve noticed about Gene is that he absolutely hates when people shut the board down. I don’t think this is a secret as he admits this himself. Knowing this about Gene, I decided to play a relatively defensive game. Fortunately for me, I was able to build a small lead early on and was fairly fortunate with the tiles. This led to Gene becoming increasingly agitated throughout the game. I can sympathize with Gene as I don’t like closed boards, but I’ve learned to accept this style of play and deal with it. Not really much to say about this game except that when Gene tried to open up the board, I punished him for it. Actually, I think Gene didn’t open up the board successfully.

Final score: 431 – 315 (win)
Bingos: Me – ARSINES, UNDRApE; Gene – none

Game #2 vs. Priya Fernando
I’ve always enjoyed the games with Priya as they are close. Priya is a solid, solid player. I can’t really describe this game except to say that Priya does a great job of making solid plays each turn – she had a string of 30+ point plays (8 of 1o turns) that was impressive. Nothing flashy, but really consistent plays.

Final score: 364 – 312 (loss)
Bingos: Me – DEWIeST; Priya – CINEAsT

Game #3 vs. Vijay
I requested to play Vijay as I wanted to test myself. My goal was to make the game competitive and give him a “run for his money”. The short story is that Vijay is much better than me. Give him some good tiles and the result is not surprising. Vijay had this strong of turns that absolutely killed me: REALISE(D) for 72, NaZI for 45, YANQUIs for 100, and PORGIES for 94. I am not taking anything away from Vijay’s play and he deserves all of the accolades for his play. I just wish I could have given him more of a challenge.

Final score: 592 – 226 (loss – ouch!)
Bingos: Me – none; Vijay – RETUNED, REALISE(D), YANQUIs, PORGIES

The thing I noticed about my play is that I’m not able to put together a string of high scoring turns. Shaun Goatcher told me that I should be trying to average 30 points per turn to give myself a chance at winning. I find that my plays vary too much in terms of score and that I have too many sub-optimal turns.


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