Cambridge Scrabble Club [2012-11-09]

Since relocating to the Boston area, I haven’t had any time to play Scrabble. My initial plan was to attend the Lexington Scrabble Club, but given the location and my work schedule I just never was able to make it out. Fortunately, there is a new club (Cambridge Scrabble Club #881) that started recently that meets in Harvard Square.

GAME #1 vs. Leigh Bernstein

I was a bit nervous to play my first game in a long time especially with people who I don’t know. As I was playing this game, I could tell I was rusty and out of “Scrabble shape”. For example, I had a difficult time seeing a bingo with ACIRT?? even though there are 77 seven letter words. Additionally, I confused the spelling of OORARI* (CURARI, OURARI, WOORARI).

Final Score: 404-394 (win)
Bingos: Me – TRACIng, SWAMPED; Leigh – QINTARS

GAME #2 vs. Evans Clinchy

Not much to say about this game. Definitely got fortunate with the tiles and a late bingo that I wasn’t sure about. Evans was gracious in the loss and gave me a very good compliment which I appreciated.

Final Score: 392-350 (win)
Bingos: Me – SOOtIER, wEIGH(T)ER; Evans – RETRACES

GAME #3 vs. John O’Laughlin

Got crushed by John. The combo of good (but not necessarily great) tiles for John and him being better than me led to a predictable outcome. He had an early bingo that scored for big points and just kept pouring it on. I noticed that he was able to score consistently with relatively simple words (examples: WOT for 37, TOPH for 41, YE for 30). If this trend continues, John might replace Vijay as my “Scrabble daddy” ­čÖé

Final Score: 604-271 (loss)
Bingos: Me – INOSITE; John – MENORAH (122 points!), TRI(P)LING, STRIGIl(S) (that’s STRIGILS), LOCAtER

GAME #4 vs. Cathy

For some reason I started to play very conservatively in this game. Maybe it was because I got shell-shocked in the previous game. I had some tough tiles early on but that doesn’t really excuse things. I had a chance at the end of the game for a late bingo but didn’t manage to find an acceptable play.

My tiles were: EEIMRST and I had to play through an R that had to be either the last or second last letter. I saw MERRIEST and TRIREMES but those didn’t fit.

Final Score: 358-336 (loss)
Bingos: Me – ELOINeD; Cathy – ASsAILS

In all, I think I played reasonably well. More than anything else, I was happy to get connected to the Scrabble community in Boston and play a few games. I’m looking forward to getting back into playing more in the near future. With the players at the Cambridge club, I expect to lose the majority of the games as I’m probably the lowest rated player. But, looking forward to the learning and opportunity to improve my game. Was glad to meet the folks who made it out on Monday as everyone seems very friendly.


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