About Me

Some information you may (or may not) find interesting:

  • I’m a relatively new Scrabble player – started in late 2005.
  • I attend the Mississauga Scrabble Club (NASPA #422).
  • You can see my tournament history and NSA rating here (sends you to cross-tables.com).
  • My highest scoring plays are: TELEXINg (248) – a triple-triple!; BAROQuEs (131); EQuINeS (128) and HAZiEST (104) at the club. EXOTICA (102) and REFEEDING (102) during tournaments.
  • I’m most proud of playing (S)UBPOENA in a game during my first tournament against Geoff Gibson (Mississauga-Toronto Tournament, Apr. 2006). I lost that game by 15 points because I rushed, didn’t turn the board around, and played HU instead of UH.
  • My current highest score in a single game is 518 played at the Buffalo Scrabble Tournament (May 5-6, 2007).
  • When I’m not playing Scrabble, I’m usually reading, writing, or thinking about my research.

You can read more about me on my personal page or feel free to contact me at hans [at] hansoh.com

5 Responses to About Me


    Hi Hans,

    I had to read and search this web site to figure out just who wrote/authored it. Your name is not very prominent. I enjoyed reading about the games – good tips in here.

  2. Basil Sylvester Pinto says:

    yo dude!!
    im currently seeing myself that was ‘u’ in the game not too long ago. ive found ure site while googling a month ago, and have listed it in ‘my faves.’
    hope to see you posts more often.

  3. jeff widergren says:

    interesting question. i think it depends on how you define “expert”. whereas a 1700 player probably averages closer to 1.5 bingos a game, a 1900+ player (what experts generally consider an expert) certainly tips the scale at 1.9+ bingos per game. of course, this is dependent on other factors as well. if two extremely offensive-minded players are playing, then this number if likely to go up because there are naturally going to be more letters on the board to hook off of. vice-versa for defensive-minded players. if you want to see this case in point log into isc and watch brian capellato or joel sherman or trey wright play a bot, who are nothing but offensive minded. bingos tip the scale at over 3+ per game. hope that helps!

  4. sam hollington says:

    hi hans! Its Sam Hollington here. I really enjoy reading your blogs and following your progress. I think your comment at the end of your Waterford MI posting was quite important. Playing scrabble is much more fun than studying flashcards or memorizing new words but in 45 minutes of playing scrabble you may learn 2 or 3 new words while you should learn about 15 to 30 new words in that same time period by studying. Strategy and analysis are important but there is no substitute for word knowledge. I still find flashcards the best way for learning new words. I think the only limits on how many new words we can learn are self imposed. I will continue reading your postings I find them fun interesting and informative. Good luck with studying and scrabble and everything else. P.S I type about 5 words per minute so this posting took about 25 minutes ha ha.

  5. Christopher says:

    Hello Hans,
    Your blog requested strategy tips for improving your game. My 2 cents, in no particular order:
    1) Study.

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