Here is the Scrabble equipment I use:

I use a custom board made by Ossie Mair. It is a folding, red, lucite board with matching (red) tile racks.

Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer (white). I like this timer because of the low-profile buttons and how the LED indicates whose turn it is.

I have two-sets of double-injection molded Protiles that I use regularly (red and white). I also have a set of purple tiles that I received at the 2009 US National Scrabble Championship which I haven’t used yet.

Tile Racks
Extra-long non-tipping tile racks – I’ve sanded and spray-painted these red to match my board. I like these racks the best because they are simple and unadorned. My only advice is to mark them somehow so that you can identify them as yours as these racks are very popular.

I also use a custom scoresheet and have gone through several different iterations of sheets (I’m always experimenting). For each game, I also use a ball-point pen and highlighter. The highlighter is invaluable during the end game to track the remaining tiles.

Software & References
I use Zyzzyva for studying and Quackle to review games. I also have copies of the Official Word List and the Official Scrabble Tournament Players Dictionary. I now use Zarf instead of Check Word as my mobile dictionary on my iPhone.

4 Responses to Equipment

  1. Betty Eriksen says:

    Does this folding board have a raised grid, and what is its weight and price please?

  2. NadeneJoy says:

    thanks for the answers :DDD

  3. thank you very much………

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